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New Blog Post (Beta)

Hi All! Really sorry that I haven’t posted in forever, but a new blog post is in the works. Check back in less than a week and I will have it up. In the meantime, check out these links:

Paul Washer is one of the greatest preachers ever. Here is a great sermon of his called, ‘Are You Ready for a Relationship?’. It will really challenge you.

Better Touch Tool is a great free* app that gives you custom multi-touch gestures for your MacBook trackpad, Magic Mouse or Magic Trackpad plus gives you a ‘Windows 7-like’ window snapping feature. Here is the developer’s homepage:

As I said, check back in about a week and I, hopefully, will have a new post up.


*Better Touch Tool is called “shareware” which simply means that the app is a free download, but the developer requests donations.

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